The queen of the vegan brekkie pots!

The rainy weather had me craving a little breakfast pot over a juice this morning. Doesn’t it look pretty! And so simple too.


The bottom layer is a delicious chia pudding.
I mixed a handful of chia seeds with a cup of almond and coconut milk, a squeeze of agave and a few drops of vanilla essence. Pop in the fridge overnight until it becomes gelatinous and yummy. I usually make enough that i can have it over a few days.

chia 4

chia 5

chia 2

Middle layer: I blended 3 kiwis with a scoop of spirulina.

Top layer: I blended 2 plums with a scoop of acai powder.

I topped it off with pumpkin seeds, cacao nibs and rose petals.

chia 3


Have a wonderful day everyone




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