Shephards pie a la vegan!

Who doesn’t lick their lips at the thought of a comforting dish of shepherds pie yumminess (veganized of course)The rain was pounding against the windows last night as I sat curled up in my pjs giggling with contentment as I happily tucked into my scrumptious pie.
shep 2
For the mash:
Cook a handful of potatoes
Drain and mash
I mixed in olive oil, soy cream, salt/pep, a pinch of cinnamon and garlic powder.
shep 1

For the filling:
Into a pot pop the following
Half a chopped carrot
1 chopped leek
1/2 an onion (optional)
1 finely sliced red chilli
A handful of tofu
1 cup of each of the following: mung beans, toasted spelt (rice works fine too), chopped tomatoes
Add 3 cups of water
Bring to the boil, reduce, season to your liking. I kept it simple with salt, pep, a tiny squeeze of agave and nutritional yeast flakes.
Let it simmer for 20 min then pop it into a blender with a generous handful of walnuts and blitz.
shep 3

Pop the mixture into a casserole dish, topped with mash and place in the oven at 200 for about 10 min then remove and add a few slices of yummy Art of Zen Foods Violife cheese then back under the grill until bubbly and delicious.
shep 5
shep 6
shep 7
shep 8

I served it up in a big messy pile with leftover sweet chilli and the garlic, mint and pea cream.

shep 4



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