Nut croquettes, mixed leaf salad and a side of garlic tomato dipping sauce

Light Spring salad with cannellini, mushroom, nut croquettes and a garlic tomato dipping sauce. Oh my!

cro 5

Mixed leaves and wild garlic
Drizzle of olive oil and squeeze of lime

cro 4

Tomato sauce:

Pierce a handful of cherry tomatoes and pop in a pan with a glug of olive oil
1 clove of garlic crushed
Splash of balsamic vinegar, red wine
Shake of coconut sugar
Pinch of salt and pep
Fry off and then leave to simmer for 20 min.
Into a food processor and blitz until smooth.
Adjust seasoning to your liking
This is so delicious as a sauce or a soup.

cro 2

For the croquettes:
In a pan sautée
A punnet of chop mushrooms
1 red onion
1 clove of garlic
Dried thyme and parsley
Splash of soy sauce


Pop the mushroom mixture into a food processor with half a tin of cannellini beans, 1 cup of mixed nuts and blitz
Grab a scoop or two of wholemeal flour and add to the mixture until it can be easily rolled into your desired shape.
I rolled little balls and then coated them in a mixture of panko crumbs and nutrional yeast flakes
Into the oven at 180c for 30 min
You can deep fry these too if you’re feeling bold.

So tasty… Definitely one to put on your list.



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