Three words…. Deep fried burrito….

Three words! Deep fried burrito…. Yummmm… I was trying to conjure up a cinqo de mayo inspired dish and remembered a food programme I saw on chimichangas. Firstly I loved the name and secondly well whats not to love. I remember being inquisitive about what the name actually meant. Apparently it translates as “whatchamacallit” or “thingamajig” Brilliant!

burbur 7

Quick recipe with no rules for fillings so pop in whatever you like.
I decided on:
Mixed beans
Mashed tofu
Green chillies
Red pepper
Bucket loads of sriracha chilli sauce and oodles of Art of Zen Foods​ Violife​ mozzarella grated.

bur 5bur 4

Place filling in the middle of your tortilla and wrap.
I popped the burrito into a heated pan folded side down to seal it tightly then into the deep fat fryer for 5/10 min.

I served them up with:
Leaves, salsa and yoghurt/mayo and coriander blitzed with a pinch of garlic powder, salt and pep

Time to make friends with my second chimichanga. Ooohh I could say that word all day. Definitely give these bad boys a try. Simply delicious.




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