Brunch of champions! Smoked tofu, carrot top pesto, creamy polenta and garlic basil mushrooms

Simple tasty brunch! Smoked tofu and carrot top pesto, creamy mozzarella polenta topped with garlic and basil mushrooms and a little cup of potatoes, tomatoes and scallions in a sweet chilli sauce.

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For the polenta:
3:1 ratio of boiling water:polenta
Stir in powder bit by bit and then keep mixing like crazy until the grains burst and you get a smooth consistency.
I add salt/pep and lots of grated art of zen foods mozarella
Combine until melted and scoop into oven proof dish

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For the mushrooms:
Sautée chopped mushrooms in
Garlic, olive oil and chopped basil leaves
Pour over the top of the polenta mix and in under the grill to brown for 3 min.

br 9br 4

Potato cup:
Cube 1 potato
Chop 1 scallion
Dice 2 tomatoes
Into a pan with a splash of sweet chilli sauce
Crumble a stock cube
Too mixture with water
Bring to a boil
Reduce heat
Leave to simmer for 20 min or until potato is soft and yummy.

br 6br 8

Serve up and smile!

Love Louise

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