Stuffed bean curd crepes, spicy coriander and pickled radish with lime infused lotus seeds

Asian inspired vegan yumminess. This took no less than 15 min to make and I think I’ve found a new favourite snack! Lotus seeds where have you been all my life…Bean curd crepes stuffed with mixed veg, coriander chilli and pickled radish salad with chilli and lime lotus seeds for nibbling. Still drooling over this meal.


Coriander leaves
Sliced chilli
Chopped pickled radish that I bought in a pack
Drizzle with oil, salt, pep and lime juice

asi 7

Lotus seeds: (cooked they would remind you of chick peas)
Take half a packet of dried lotus seeds and bring to the boil in a pot.
Drain, pop onto a oven tray and sprinkle with olive oil, tamari sauce, salt, lime and sprinkle of coconut sugar. Bake for 10 min at 180C

asi 5

Bean curd roll: (quite like an omelette in consistency)
Stir fry veg of choice! I used enoki mushrooms, chilli, chinese chives, bok choi and beansprouts in tamari sauce, coconut sugar, rice mirin, chilli oil, ginger and garlic.

Take the bean curd sheet and soak in warm water for five min. Remove and lay out on a dry surface. Fill with veg and roll as you would a rice roll. You can fry, deep fry or bake. I decided to bake mine so in it went with the lotus seeds at 180 for around 10 to 15 min.

asi 9asi 6

asi 2asi 4

And voila…
My chief taster Dave made lots of interesting food noises which could mean anything but he said “Lou that’s my sort of food if I got that in a restaurant I’d be impressed”
Yay for vegan chinese inspired food.



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