Hi ho hi ho its a delicious vegan Pho….

Whats not to love about Pho? Broth, noodles, herbs, spices, yumminess! and vegan pho is the easiest pot of love you will ever make. No rules well ok a few but I’ve made this 100 different ways and it always tastes more or less the same.


Bring a big pot of water to the boil and add your selection of veg and fruit.
Anything really goes but I would definitely try and include a carrot or two and leeks really add a kick also.
I roughly chopped the following and added them to the pot:
Bok choi
2 apples
5 cloves of garlic
Scoop of coconut sugar
2 tbls of sea salt

pho 5pho 3

Into the oven at 180c I roasted
1 large piece of ginger sliced lengthways
2 red onions
Star anise
Cardamom pods
Cinnamon sticks
For 15 min
I wrapped the ginger and spices up in a muslin cloth and added to the pot along with the onion.
If you don’t have a cloth just pop them all in and strain the stock later.

I left it simmer for almost 2 hours. The longer the better. Taste and adjust seasoning to your liking.

I fried off some mushrooms in soy sauce, smoked tofu in chinese five spice and I cooked a little batch of rice noodles.

pho 7pho 6

For plating:
Place noodles in a bowl
Ladle over a few scoops of stock
And top with scallions, basil, radishes, green and red chilli, sriracha sauce and a squeeze of lime or whatever takes your fancy.

(Thai basil is better here and coriander is great too as are beansprouts.)

Slurpy, wonderful, hearty and veeeegan.

pho 4pho 2




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