Poutine you devilish dish you…. Happy Canada day!!!!

If you’re on a diet of any description look away now…. Noooowww… It’s definitely the least aesthetically pleasing dish ive ever posted but man is it yummy. (In the deep fried cheesy sort of way.)


I couldn’t let Canada day pass without embracing it in my own little vegan way. I was reminded today of a lovely Canadian girl I lived with in Hong Kong for a while (hi lily thank you for introducing me to this sinful dish) who one night mentioned “poutine” I heard “Poitin” and confusion ensued. Poutine in all it’s glory is basically chips, gravy and cheese curds. Oh dear yumminess.

pou 2

How to:
Deep fry/ bake chips (I love mine super crispy)
To replace cheese curds I used scoops of Art of Zen Foods violife creamy mmm…
For the gravy:
4 cups of water
1 stock cube
Splash of- soy sauce, tomato sauce,
Pinch of sugar
Shake of nutritional yeast flakes and garlic powder
And thicken with cornflour

As you’re being bold anyway with this dish you could just pick up some veg friendly gravy granules and be super lazy.

pou 3

Pour gravy over chips
Add creamy pieces
Top with more gravy.
Dave is smiling with delight at this dish. A break from my healthy salads ha ha.

pou 5pou 4




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