Rhubarb and vegan custard with sprouted buckwheat rolled in maca topped with goji berries

How I managed to consume this after my monster plate of mac and cheese yesterday I’ll never know but it is simply deeelicious! Just getting around to posting it now so here we go.


Rhubarb and vegan custard with sprouted buckwheat rolled in maca powder topped with goji berries. Yum x 100.

Chop up 3 to 4 stalks of rhubarb
Into a pot with half a cup of a water
1 cup of coconut sugar
Drop of vanilla extract
Bring to the boil, reduce and leave to simmer until the rhubarb falls apart and is sweet and gooey

For the custard:
Into a pot pour
1 cup of soya milk
2 tbls of coconut sugar
2 drops of vanilla extract
Pinch of turmeric for colour
2 tbls of cornstarch (add more for a thicker mix)

This takes a little patience!
Stir ingredients together and bring to just under a boil
Reduce heat and keep stirring and scraping from base and edges until the mixture thickens.
Adjust flavouring and thickness to your liking
Serve hot or set in fridge beforehand

rhub 2rhub 5

I topped the mixture off with sprouted buckwheat which you saw me use earlier in my salad too.
I’m a big buckwheat fan
Simply soak a cup of uncooked buckwheat in water for 20 min.
I usually just drain them then and leave sitting in the strainer over a pot covered with a linen cloth for 48 hours.
Rinse morning and evening until they grow little tails.
I added a scoop of maca powder to the buckwheat here for a little additional kick and topped with goji berries.
A heavenly dessert with a little bit of goodness added in.

rhub 3
Don’t be deterred by the name buckwheat either they wheat free and I also just read randomly today that they are related to the rhubarb family! I’m telling myself I knew this intuitively yesterday and not that I just needed to use them up before they soiled ha ha.

rhub 4

Hope you give a try and let me know what you think.




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