New favourite salad alert!

A little in love with today’s rainbow salad! So tasty and ridiculously simple.

sal 4

Baby potatoes
Mixed leaves
Mixed nuts
Cherry tomatoes
Red cabbage

Spinach garlic mayo:
Soy milk
Squeeze of lemon

salsal 2

Chop and boil potatoes
Cube and fry off tofu
Combine on a plate with all your remaining ingredients and a sprinkle of sesame seeds

For the mayo:
Into a blender pop-
Handful of spinach
Squeeze of lemon
2:1 ratio of olive oil to soy milk
2 cloves of garlic
Blitz and season with salt and pep.
(If you’re feeling lazy just grab some store bought vegan mayo and blitz in the garlic and spinach)

sal 3

Happy Wednesday.

Hope everyone is having a lovely day.



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