A heart of colcannnon… Feeling the love…

A mixed plate if ever there was one but I always listen to my cravings and dish up accordingly.


A heart of colcannon awww
Fennel with lemon and Parmesan
Baked tofu in tomato sauce
Pea, garlic and mint purée.

col 4col 6

For the fennel:
Slice in half
Place in oven dish
Drizzle with salt, pep, olive oil, lemon and grated Art of Zen foods Parmesan
Into the oven at 180c for 25 min
Finish off with another grating of cheese.

For the pea purée:
Into a blender place
Cooked peas
Handful of mint leaves
A glug of tinned coconut milk
Garlic powder, salt and pep to flavour
Blitz to desired consistency

For the tofu:
Sliced tofu marinated in tomato sauce
I used up the leftover tom sauce from my pizza the other day
Into the oven with the fennel for approx 35-40 min.

col 3col 5

For the potatoes:
Peel, chop, boil and drain pots
Mash and add:
1/2 tin of coconut milk
Scoop of dairy free butter
Chopped and cooked scallions or leeks and kale or cabbage.
I opted for scallions and kale today.
Yum yum a million times yum.
Potatoes are my box of chocolates I can never get enough of them.

col 2





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