The perfect vegan crumpet! Simply delightful….

Oh crumpets you are simply delightful! Even saying the word makes me smile. I made a handful of crumpets yesterday that were quickly devoured by hungry mouths so I decided to shake it up this evening with the leftover batter and also make it easy for myself by just pouring the contents into a pan and letting it do all the work.

crumpet 1

If you’re to try one recipe this week let it be this simple batter. Pencil it in for a lazy brunch this wkd and you won’t be disappointed. Better still make the batter the night before!

For the batter:
Makes approx 8 (4 rings and a pizza)

150ml tepid water
150ml soya milk
150ml almond milk
300g self raising (maybe a few grams more to be sure to be sure)
Pinch of baking powder
Shake of salt and coconut sugar
7g sachet of yeast

Combine all ingredients bar flour and leave to sit for 10 min or so.
Slowly add liquid mix to flour stirring constantly until batter is smooth
Cover and sit in a warm area for about an hour while you conjure up some delightful toppings.

Heat a pan with oil on a low to med heat.
I find between 3 and 4 on the ring is perfect but you’ll have to play around with your own hob.

crumpet 7crumpet 6

If making individual crumpets then pop your metal rings into the pan and spoon about 3 dessert spoons into each ring.
Step away and let it do it’s thing
10 min ish later and you’ll see the little air pockets appearing on top you’re then ready to remove ring and flip.
Brown other side for a min and serve up with toppings of choice.
If you’re trying the pizza style out same steps apply just pour mix directly in until it fills the pan.

crumpet 2crumpet 5

I am definitely a savoury over sweet girl but feel free to experiment. Peanut butter, bananas, ice cream, chocolate. Anything goes. I opted for:

1. Basil and tomatoes and I rubbed base with garlic

2. Art of zens parmesan and asparagus spears

3. The strawberry cream that I posted earlier topped with red currants, blueberries and mint. I also drizzle maple syrup over the base.

4. Rocket, avocado, scallion, lemon

crumpet 4crumpet 3

Now be under no illusion! after taking pics I lashed on oodles of balsamic reduction on the toms plenty of mayo made an appearance and lots more of just about everything you see in the pics. Each quarter is deceptively filling so be sure you have company or else you may very well find yourself crying into a plate of crumpet crumbs wondering where it all went wrong. Soooo delicious.



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