A vegan brunch sandwich to beat all brunch sanwiches!

If there was an imaginary medal for “best sharing brunch sandwich while watching the rugby World Cup” this would take gold. I was giggling with excitement constructing this.

sandsand 9

Grab a large loaf of arbutus bread and get layering: (photos below show each layer)

Bottom to top-

Mashed butter beans with basil pesto (always make my own but I nearly fell into the fridge at the shop when I spotted vegan pesto so couldn’t resist)
Kale and onions sautéed in garlic and a squeeze of lemon
Tofu scramble: tofu fried off in butter with a shake of nutritional yeast, grated cheese, garlic powder, turmeric, sweet chilli, thyme, salt/pep
Dees sausages, mushrooms (sprinkled with porcini dust) and tomatoes all baked in the oven at 180 for about 20 min
Avocado slices
Art of zen foods violife slices
And finished off with ooooodles of rebel chilli relish.

sand 3sand 4

sand 5sand 6

sand 7sand 8

Enough for 4 hungry mouths!

sand 2



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