Messy burrito alert! Cheesy tofu, seitan and mushroom scramble with pesto, cream and garlic tomato sauce.

I was edging towards a take away this evening but just managed to steer myself to the kitchen and gather up odd and ends for a super messy burrito. The perfect rainy day fix.

Burrito filling:
I mashed a handful of tofu and fried it off with mushrooms and seitan pieces.
Add a little garlic, turmeric (for colour), chilli flakes, salt/pep and a wee bit of mushroom powder and of course violifes amazing mozzarella for a yummy cheesy combo.

Scoop mix onto a warmed tortilla and top with pinto beans, mixed leaves, avocado and anything else your heart desires.

Wrap up and top with dressings of choice. I enjoyed loving salads roast tomato soup so much yesterday that I made a fresh batch of my own favourite recipe earlier and used this as a sauce. To the tom soup add a generous drizzle of soy cream and a scoop of basil pesto on top and you’re ready to rock and roll.


My oh my… Vegan comfort food how I love you. Definitely enough for two hearty portions but who am I kidding! It’s mine all mine…

My roast tomato and garlic soup recipe! Great as hot, cold or as a sauce as above.


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