Last brunch of 2015! One pan three cheese wonder

Last brunch of the year woo hoo! It just had to be a one pan three cheese wonder. Simple, scrumptious sharing dish.

brunch 2

Into a heated and oiled pan I popped:

Chopped veggie sausages and seitan
Crumbled tofu
Canellini beans
Cooked baby potatoes
Sundried tomatoes
Half a sliced onion


Seasoned with:
Oodles of Rebel Chilli yummy chilli sauce
Shake of cumin and coriander powder
Pinch of garlic powder


Sautée in the pan until cooked through and voila!

I topped the pan with Art of Zen Foods​ Mozzarella, parmesan and creamy and placed under the grill to melt into gooey deliciousness.

Serve up as is and get scooping.
I had mine with lots of toast and a big pot of tea. Oh the joy!

brunch 8


2015 has been such an amazing year. Thanks as always to everyone who continues to follow and support my page. 2016 has lots of exciting new little vegan happenings in store. Warmest wishes to everyone for the year ahead. Why not make this the year you go vegan?






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