Rice and lentils get a decadent makeover 

Turmeric rice, broad beans and dill is an Iranian dish in its origin. Baghali polo by name. It’s a favourite of mine and below is my version of it with a lemony twist. Jasmine rice cooked through in stock, flavoured and coloured with turmeric, salt and pepper sautéed in pan with butter and finished with cooked broad beans, a generous sprinkle of dill, lemon rind and wee bit of lemon juice. If I was patient (which I struggle with) I would have taken time to do a lovely turmeric crust which makes the dish a lot more visually appealing and gives it a lovely crunch. 

The other lentil stew dish is of Persian persuasion also and called Adasi. Another hearty favourite and just as simple. Lentils cooked through in veg stock. Onions and garlic sautéed in butter and and olive oil and added to the lentils half way through with a little turmeric, cinnamon sticks and salt/pep. Low heat until liquid has evaporated. Both taste better the next day and great hot or cold. I may have added a little chilli kick at the end. I just can’t resist.




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