Fifty shades of orange 

I promise this tasted delicious despite its monochromatic appearance. A real case of grab all the fridge leftovers.

Cheesy sweet potato and green onion mash (using art of zen foods violife range) topped with yummy guacamole.

Mash your cooked sweet potatoes and add a nice dollop of dairy free butter and drizzle of olive oil. Chopped green onion and grated vegan. A little nutmeg and plenty of salt and pepper.

Every time I make guacamole it’s different. Always breaking the rules depending on what I’m craving or have in the fridge. For this one I simply mashed avocado and added a squeeze of lime, chopped green onion and chilli flakes and a little coconut cream. Salt/Pep.

Mixed spice beans (beans, tomatoes, onion powder, clove, coriander, paprika, salt/pep)
Combine your beans of choice and add a tin of tomatoes bring to the boil reduce to a simmer and season with onion powder, ground clove, coriander, paprika and salt/pep.

Tofu cubed and marinated in agave, sriracha sauce and garlic powder and baked at 180c for 20min. Finished with a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds and pomegranate.




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