No plan is the best plan sort of dinner. 

I must say the meals that aren’t planned are always the best. Fridge raid produced this mixed bag and it was mighty. 

-Pomegranate, basil, green onion and tomato salad

-Cauliflower, pear and chilli salad with a satay dressing 

-Avocado tartare with mixed jalapeños

-Hummus crisps for dipping

-Leftover soup from yesterday. 

Oh and of course lashings of Rebel Chilli on the side mmm….

Tomato salad:
Handful of basil leaves

Chopped green onion

Chopped cherry tomatoes 

Seeds from half a pomegranate 

Drizzle of olive oil 

Squeeze of lime 

Teaspoon of agave 


Warm cauliflower salad:
Cut off your florets from your cauliflower into bit size pieces

I just steamed these until soft and tender but you can bake or boil too. 

Add mixed nuts, seeds and chilli flakes 

2 pears finally chopped 


Satay sauce for pouring over this yummy combo 

For the sauce: 
2 tbls of Peanut butter 

1 clove of Garlic 

1/4 of an onion 

Juice of half a lime

Splash of soy sauce 

Squeeze of agave

Sprinkle of chillies 

1/2 tin of coconut milk (I used a little more here)

Fry off the garlic and onion and then pop everything into the blender

Blitz and then adjust seasoning to your liking. It’s great hot or cold 

Avocado tartare:

There are so many variations of this out there but this is the version that suits my spice hungry mouth the best ha ha. 

Combine –

1/2 chopped red onion

5 green jalapeños and 5 red jalapeños finely chopped (cut way back on this if you’re not a heat fan but this is quite a large serving so you don’t taste them too much)

Generous pour of rapeseed oil

Juice of half a lemon

Generous bunch of parsley roughly chopped 

Splash of soy sauce 

Mustard! I used wholegrain hear as I love the flavour and crunch 

Handful of capers roughly diced 

And finally add

4 avocados peeled and chopped into a bowl

Adjust seasoning by adding plenty of pepper and a pinch of so of salt. 

Pop into mould of choice. I just grabbed a round plastic bowl I had beside me and flipped it onto the serving plate.
Ideal for sharing!

My cousin in Chicago made an absolutely delicious avocado tartare a few months ago when I was visiting and it reignited my love for it since. I served it up with eat real hummus chips because they are yum and naughty and perfect for scooping 
Finally a few bowls of mushroom soup that was leftover from the night before. You’ll be able to find the recipe for this on here also




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