Sauce mops! Simple vegan flatbreads

It’s curry night so I made up a batch of super quick flatbreads as sauce mops. Mix equal measures of self raising flour
(Or flour of choice) and unsweetened dairy free yoghurt. Add a pinch of baking powder. I didn’t have any so just added a drizzle of lemon juice. Vinegar works perfectly here too.


-Kneed into a dough
-Divide into 6 pieces
-Roll out
-Paint on a layer of melted vegan butter and minced garlic
-Into a hot pan
-Toss once browned
Simple 😃

My mother in law shared a flatbread recipe on fb the other day and reminded me how easy they were to make and how often I used to make them before. Not exactly the healthiest but feck it.
I just rolled them up then and sprinkled with red onion and scallion and a side of rebel chilli and vegan yoghurt.


Time to eat



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