Spicy vegan sausage rolls with black bean hummus

These look sort of fancy but are absolutely the opposite. Super quick sausage rolls with black bean hummus. I grilled four of Dees delicious gluten free vegan sausages and then grabbed two tortillas which I halved and spread a little mustard and sweet chilli on. I rolled the sausages up and fried them off in coconut oil until golden brown and delicious. I drizzled them with sriracha mayo, a handful of coriander leaves and a quick hummus.

For the hummus I blitzed up black eyed beans, tahini, lemon, salt/pep, ground cumin and onion powder. Voila! Always a winner for brunch.

You can make sweet versions of these by substituting the sausages for bananas. Simply grill and caramelise the bananas beforehand and then coat each tortilla with peanut butter, fry off in a pan and top with nuts and melted chocolate. Drool worthy!




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