Seitan stuffed cabbage rolls

Last nights cabbage rolls were a hit. I just love cabbage. Yes I’m going to get all poetic about our humble little brassica. The intricacy of the leaves, the varying shades of green. What’s not to love. If your childhood cabbage memories conjure up images of boiled, tasteless leaves please allow me to convert you with this dish.


Remove the individual leaves from the head of cabbage. I used ten for this dish. Cut out the thick piece at the base of the stem from each and discard as shown in the picture above.Steam the leaves in a pot of salted water until partly cooked through.

For the filling sauté the following in a pan:
1 white onion finely chopped
Handful of green onion roughly chopped
1 carrot grated
1/2 red pepper finely chopped
2 cloves of minced garlic
1 knuckle of grated ginger
1 red chilli
1 packet of seitan (I will make my own this year 😂 it’s on my list. I think the key with the seitan is to grate it through a julienne grater. It shreds perfectly)
I added chickpeas into the mix last night too as I had half a tin lying idle



Cook through and season with:
Chinese five spice
Soy sauce
Maple syrup
Pinch of salt


Spoon the mixture into each cabbage leaf and roll up.
Place them in a baking dish.
I coated the bottom of the dish with a layer of homemade tomato sauce. A good Passata works perfectly here too.
Once the rolls are packed in neatly cover with another layer of sauce and finish with a topping of panko breadcrumbs and vegan cheese. I used the violife mozzarella here.
Into the oven at 180c for 40 min. (I wrote 20 min in my insta stories last night by accident)


Serve up and enjoy. There was no fancy plating last night as it was a lean against the countertop and chat sort of plate but if you’re looking to make a big meal out of it rice is a great addition here too. Alternatively just cook up the filling mix and have it with your grain of choice or even in a tortilla. Yum.



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