Vegan sambal goreng

Wait … Don’t leave. Stick with me! I know the contents of the photo look daunting to but Sambal goreng is one of those dishes that is so deliciously rewarding. If you pick up a few ingredients in your local … Continue reading

Vegan Banh Mi – Hoi An v Hanoi

Banh (cake/pastry) Mi (wheat) is the generic name for bread in Vietnam. Variations of Banh Mi are sprinkled throughout the country. It’s conception was in Saignon and its history is a fusion of Vietnamese and French colonial influences. We sampled … Continue reading


Daikon, cabbage and tofu stuffed bean curd rolls

These are simply delectable and super quick to make. The larger roll was intentionally done! Man portion for Dave ha ha. He just loves them.   What you’ll need: 1 sheet of dried bean curd Block of tofu Chinese cabbage … Continue reading