Green cravings 

Green craving this morning. A delicious juice of Celery  Apple  Cucumber  Lime  Ginger  Sipping it with bursts of giggles after my friend sent me the picture below about checking line 2, page 117 of the book closest to you for … Continue reading


Juice and nail coordination … So 2017! 

You know it’s going to be a good day when your nail polish matches your juice. Ha ha! Kicking off the first Thursday of the year with a super powered juice. Just look at the colour. Love it.  Beets Apple … Continue reading


Power packed Monday blues juice

The only way to start the week! A greener than green juice. I’m a grumpy little vegan without my morning juice hit so Mondays combo always has an added punch to kick off the day. This mornings mix is a … Continue reading


All hail the sweet potato… Sunny juice for an almost sunny morning

Sunny juice for an almost sunny morning!

juice 2

Rev up that juicer and pop in the following


1 sweet potato, 4 kiwis, a tomato, a chunk of cucumber and 3 carrots. I topped it off with a scoop of wonderful spirulina and wheatgrass. Don’t be turned off by the sweet potato it’s amazing in juices and bursting with goodness!

juice 3


Happy Thursday everyone…