Hello there yummy olive and mango tapenade…..

The tapenade to beat all tapenades…. Delicious mango and olives with a kick of garlic and rocket.

olives 2

Using you hand blender blitz the following:
A handful of rocket
The flesh of 2 mangos
A cup of green olives
2 cloves of garlic
A pinch of salt and pepper
A generous pour of olive oil
A mini squeeze of agave

olives 1

The perfect companion for dairy free cheese and yummy crackers or alternatively mix in a little soy cream and add to your favourite pasta.

olives 3

Simple and tasty and takes less that 5 min to make. Happy days!

Love Louise



Rainbow Salad

Lunch time rainbow salad bursting with goodness to compliment this sunny Tuesday!


This ones a simply one… To begin I simply blended cashews, tomatoes, green pepper, carrots, cucumber and cabbage and dressed them with salt, pepper, lemon and a squeeze of agave.

rainbow 3

rainbow 2

For the colourful and delicious courgette pasta just grab yourself a potato peeler and make some pretty ribbons.

rainbow 5

I seasoned the lot with olive oil, ground kelp, oregano and a little garlic powder and sprinkled a few olives, raisins and goji berries for added yumminess….

Raw, delicious, colourful and easy…

Love Louise




All hail the sweet potato… Sunny juice for an almost sunny morning

Sunny juice for an almost sunny morning!

juice 2

Rev up that juicer and pop in the following


1 sweet potato, 4 kiwis, a tomato, a chunk of cucumber and 3 carrots. I topped it off with a scoop of wonderful spirulina and wheatgrass. Don’t be turned off by the sweet potato it’s amazing in juices and bursting with goodness!

juice 3


Happy Thursday everyone…



Its an evening for love cakes!

I wont lie to you all… I was a little cranky this evening! nothing to be cranky about just one of those evenings and I have no excuse with the sunshine I know… so I came home and said Louise cop on now whip out your heart templates, make some loves cakes and cheer up ha ha ha. So here are this evenings experimental creations. Bottom layer: blended cashews, dates and a scoop of peanut butter. Next layer: puffed rice cereal. Following layer: blended aduki beans (trust me it works) raw cacao powder, cacao nibs, rice syrup and the top is sprinkled with dessicated coconut.
Pop in the fridge for an hour so and remove from moulds. They don’t just look pretty they are simply scrumptious mmm.
cake 4
cake 3