Every day should be an arancini day! Cheesy balls of delciousness…

As I sauntered along the beach earlier still donning my market apron (cringe) and contemplating my lunch all I could think was I want cheese! deep fried cheese! So when I got home there was so choice but to get my arancini on!

arancini 1

I haven’t made these little fellas in aaaagesss… Now the true arancini connoisseurs can look away now… Dairy free, no egg, brown bread crumb! How, what, why? I promise though this is just as tasty! And it’s fun if not a bit fiddly to make.

arancini 4

Ok here we go:
I picked up a beautiful bag of carnaroli rice a few months ago and forgot all about it! (Arborio rice is just as good to us) I mean it’s not every day you get your rice in a little check pillow case all sewn up.
I boiled off the rice in veg stock, pinch of salt and a glug or two of white wine.

arancini 3

For the cheese I looked no further than the super yummy changing my recipe portfolio one bite at a time Violife cheese from Art of Zen Foods! Get onto these cheeses if you haven’t already. I cubed a block of their pizza cheese.

arancini 2

For the crumbs I had made some wholemeal bread a few days ago and it was on the way out so what better way to make use of it than to crumb it up. Not traditional to use brown crumbs I know but either is this recipe so why not.

arancini 6

Place a scoop of the rice in your hand, add two pieces or more! Of the cheese and cover with another layer of rice. Cup with your hands and make into a solid ball. I find they are sticky enough to roll straight into the breadcrumbs and then from there into a deep pan of oil or better still a deep fryer for 5 to 7 min or until golden brown.

arancini 5

arancini 6

I sat my yummy arancini onto a big dollop of cashew and mixed leaf pesto that I had made earlier and finished it off with a splash of my homemade pepper chutney but to be honest it’s just as tasty without either.

arancini 8

arancini 7

Oh my… It doesn’t get much better than this.

Love Louise