Hello polenta my ol’ friend …. Quick and easy and oh so pretty….

Hello polenta ol’ friend how you make me smile… As always a quick and easy dish!


A salad of rocket, sundried tomatoes and my creamy garlic, mint and pea dressing wrapped around a yummy sweet chilli polenta burger filled with pickled beetroot, raw sugar snap peas, a baked portobello mushroom smothered in yummy melted violife cheese and my pepper relish. Salivating…. Polenta: Boil water Add a veg stock cube and a splash of sweet chilli Add polenta Ratio 3:1 water to polenta Bring back to boil. Reduce and stir until it forms a nice thick paste Season to your liking I half filled two metal rings until they set to form my burger bun and hey presto….


polenta 2




Time to eat




Burger love! Scrumptious cauliflower cheese….

Looking for a quick and easy vegan burger? Call on your friend cauliflower.

burger 2

burger 1

For the burger:
I boiled the cauliflower, drained it and mashed it up with half a banana! It acts as a binder and also gives a subtle and delicious taste. Trust me!
A splash of sweet chilli sauce, salt and pepper and into a metal ring.
The most important and yummiest part is layering it into the ring! I layered Violife red pepper cheese slices upon each scoop of cauliflower. Sheer indulgence.
Fry it off until golden brown and firm.

burger 8

burger 7

burger 4

burger 5

Burger topping:
I sandwiched it between two slices of the toasted white bread and topped with the following
Pesto (from two days ago)
Tomato sauce (tomatoes, garlic, salt, pep, coconut sugar, balsamic and
Mixed herbs brought to a boil then reduced to a simmer for as long as you can)
Pickled red cabbage
Mixed leaves
And the piece de resistance art of zen foods amazing violife red pepper cheese slices.

burger 6

burger 3

Oh this tastes so good!

Love Louise