Cheeky choccy chip dough balls with a healthy twist

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If you’re being good this week look away now… The temptation will be too much. Chu chu churro….

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When a fruit explosion meets a scone…. this is what happens…. YUM!

I love a good fruity scone none of that searching for the one raisin in the scone for me! Yes there may be more fruit that scone mix in this but the scone police will let me off when they taste them.

scone 3
Here we go:
450g of plain flour
1 and 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
70g of coconut sugar
3 egg equivalent of egg replacer
100g of olive oil spread
210ml of soy milk

scone 2

scone 5

Mix dry ingredients then chop in butter and make well in the middle for liquid.

scone 4

Now for the fun bit! You can add your fruit of choice but I just love adding frozen mixed fruits it gets all gooey and rainbow like. I never measure so just add the quantity you desire. No need to defrost
fruit frozen is fine. Roll out and use cutter for your desired shape/size

scone 1

Bake at 270c for 25 min.
Remove to a wire rack and leave to cool.
I topped them with a squeeze of agave and dessicated coconut.

scone 6

Now where’s my teapot it’s time to put the feet up and eat.






My very favourite super addictive goes with just about everything gooey spicy pepper jam. This one takes a little time and a little love but it is worth it.


Place two punnets of cherry tomatoes, 100 ml of balsamic vinegar, a handful of chilli flakes and 250g of coconut sugar in a pot. Boil, reduce and hand blend to a purée.

jam 3
Roast 4 red peppers in the oven for half an hour or until they blister at 180c. Remove from oven, skin, de seed and chop up. Add to the tomato mix and hand blend again.


Simmer for 2 hours or longer if you can. Cool, pop into jars and try and forget how much sugar is in there ahem ahem….

 jam 2
Now where are my crackers…..