The best non meat meatball tacos…. Ooooh yumminess….

Oh my oh my oh my ! Introducing my favourite dish of the month… Mung bean and chick pea non meat meat ball tacos… These came about from a mixture of leftovers and an article I read today about mung beans and their endless benefits.

taco 1

Here we go:
Cook the mung beans (as you would rice)
While your mung beans are cooking blitz the following:

taco 2

A piece of seitan (I only had a little left so use a packet if you have it)
A handful of cashews
3 or 4 stalks of scallions
A cup of chick peas
Drain the mung beans when cooked and blend them also
Combine all ingredients and add-
Splash of olive oil
Roll into balls and bake at 200 for 30 min or until toasty.

taco 8

Place your tortillas into a baking tin and shape like tacos. Bake for about 10 min. I popped them into the oven while the balls were baking.

taco 4


taco 5

Remove and fill tacos with whatever takes your fancy. I used mixed leaves and placed the balls on top with my tomato sauce from yesterday and the last few scoops of my leftover pesto.

taco 6


taco 3
I topped it with the amazing Art of Zen Foods violife pizza cheese and placed them under the grill for 5 more min.
Final touch was a dribble of soy cream and you are ready to dig in!

taco 7

My chief taster Dave (carnivore boyfriend) said this was his favourite dish to date. Oh goodness me! I may have to agree….