Just roll with it!

Tonight’s din dins couldn’t be easier or more delicious. God bless you jus rol pastry!


jus 9

How to:
Defrost a roll of pastry
Roll out
Spread with sweet chilli sauce
Top with 6 slices of Art of Zen Foods amazing Violife cheese slices. (Thanks art of zen for keeping me stocked up) Leave an inch or two at the sides and top to allow for excess bits popping out when you roll.
Top with coriander, crushed cashews, chilli flakes, parsley, chopped leeks, sprouts and red cabbage.
Get rolling! As tight as you can and then carefully cut into slices.
Pop onto a lined baking tray.
Into the oven at 200 for 15 to 20 min with 1 min under the grill at the end for extra browning.

jus 3

jus 4

jus 5

For the dipping sauce:
Blend a handful of garden peas, garlic powder, salt/pepper and half of a large carton of soy yoghurt.

jus 7

jus 8


I’m calling this a sharing plate but let’s be honest that’s unlikely to happen. Vegan heaven

jus 2

jus 6





A kaleidoscope of colour and flavour… fennel, beet and orange soup…

There is something so comforting about a big pot of soup. Quick to make and more or less foolproof! so with Autumn fast approaching its high time I got cracking on a few variations.

beet soup

I had some beautiful fennel from organic republic here in Cork that I was dying to use so I picked up some beets today to compliment them.

beet soup 2

Ok here we go: In a saucepan add a glug of oil and sauté finely chopped fennel. Add your spices – salt, pepper, all spice, oregano, nutmeg, garlic powder Grate and add an apple and the zest of one orange. Finely slice 3 beets and pop into the pot. Splash with apple cider vinegar. Scoop of coconut sugar Cover everything with water and then add two sachets of instant miso paste. (You can use veg stock too I just like the alternative kick from the miso) Bring to the boil, reduce and let it do it’s thing for an hour. Hand blend to desired consistency Serve up with chunky bread or like me eat it with leftover pastry pies!!

beet soup 6

beet soup 4

beet soup 3

Mmm… I topped the soup with soy yoghurt, sunflower seeds and feathery fennel bits. Don’t be afraid of the beets and fennel! I know you’re thinking OH NO I bet it tastes like earthy sambucca but it couldn’t be further from that. Delicious!

beet soup 5

beet soup 7

Love Louise