No title required… Just photo drooling

Excessive with a giant E! Chocolate chip ice-cream sandwich you devilish little monster.

choc 5

How to: (typing as I lie on the floor in a food coma)

50g dairy free butter
150g coconut sugar
275g plain flour
50g of raw cacao powder
1 egg equivalent using egg replacer powder
Pinch of baking powder
Splash of vanilla essence
Generous handful of chopped walnuts, dates and dairy free choc chunks

choc 2

Combine ingredients (minus dates, nuts and choc pieces) in a food processor.
Remove and mix in remaining ingredients
Press into little desired shape and size
I had a sandwich in mind so made then quite big
Into the oven at 165 ish c for about 15-19 min
Remove and leave to cool



I sandwiched them with dairy free vanilla ice cream and finished with a drizzle of melted choc.

I may never eat again but it will most definitely have been worth it





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