The vegan zone – Hoi An


The vegan zone restaurant was situated just a hop and a skip from our hotel in Hoi An. Opened just a few short months it was another shining example of the beautiful vegan dishes on offer throughout Vietnam.


The owner Chi was so welcoming and informed us that there were five more vegan restaurants opening their doors in the coming months around the area. Chi is hugely passionate about all things vegan and her personality almost oozed from the menu. On her recommendation we ordered the following –

1.The veg spring rolls (I literally turned into a spring roll on this trip)



2. The fluffiest potato cakes I ever did taste



3. Delectable mustard leaf rolls which were filled with assorted veg and vermicelli noodles. I was so excited when they arrived at the table I forgot to take a snap. Hence the two lonely souls in the pics below.




The winner for me though ……

4. Chi’s superb lemongrass tofu curry. I can still taste it. Really outstanding. It’s hard to say what my favourite dish was in Vietnam but that tofu took a podium position. 




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