Minh Hein vegetarian restaurant – Hoi An

Where to begin? While I posted sporadically on insta stories over the last few weeks I took a break from proper posts here and on insta and I’m all the better for it. I’m back with a grateful heart, a fresh mind and oozing new food inspiration. Wading through pics this morning it was challenging to know which I should post first but Minh Hein got starting position.


I can honestly say there wasn’t a morsel of food eaten in Vietnam that I didn’t enjoy. Some dishes I would go so far as to say were sensational. Minh Hein is an institution in Hoi An. An extensive menu that could have seen us return daily for a month to sample it all but with a mere 6 days in Vietnam a one stop banquet was all that could be squeezed in. On this particular morning and after much back and forth we opted for the following

1. Fried tofu in an amazing passion fruit sauce. Why can I not been bathing my tofu in passion fruit all along. A first and definitely not a last for me.



2. The garlic bread. Random choice perhaps but it came on recommendation so don’t let its simplicity fool you. I’ve never tasted garlic bread like it.



3. Their signature fried wontons. This dish originated in China and made its way to Hoi An over the centuries. It’s a true melting pot historically but that’s for another post. The wontons are fried in a batter and then topped with a beautiful salsa with a Vietnamese twist.



4. Pumpkin pumpkin everywhere! There wasn’t a restaurant that didn’t have it on its menu and this version did not disappoint. The perfect texture with roasted peanuts on top.



5. Cao Lau is another local dish so it was lovely to try a v version. Tender noodles swimming in a sumptuous veg broth topped with tofu, greens, chillies and peanut paste. Flawless!



6. Last but not least my favourite dish in Hoi An. The white rose was supposedly named by the French due to its floral shape however the local name is Banh Bao Vac. The vegan version consists of a filling of mixed mushrooms that are sandwiched between two pieces of rice paper and then boiled. A delectable sauce of veg broth, chillies, lemon and sugar is then drizzled on top and finished with a sprinkling of fried onions. It left me speechless ha ha.



The restaurant also has cooking classes most days. Had time allowed I would have loved to have ventured off on one of their tours. Already planning a return trip next year.



Love Louise


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