Faux samo with sorrel and potato

Cheat samosas! When I whipped these up originally is was one of those evenings where deliveroo was looking mighty tempting but I managed to scroll on by and raid the fridge leftovers instead. The sorrel leaves quietly wilting away were yearning to be flung into one of my random concoctions so they made a nice spinach substitute. I’ve made faux samo as I like to call it (I know so cool and hip) many many times and perhaps it was the rain clouds looming or being utterly famished after a long day but they were the BEST yet.

For the filling:

-1 white onion

-A handful of sorrel leaves

-2 cloves of garlic

-2 boiled potatoes roughly mashed

-Shake of frozen peas


Fennel, coriander and mustard seeds, cumin, chili, ginger and garam masala powder, salt, fresh green chilli. It’s another break free from the shackles of measurements for this one. Sorry!

Sauté the lot in a pan starting with the spices. Once cooked through fill your tortilla cones. The quantity above made six samosas / 3 tortillas. Cut the tortillas in two and fold each one into a cone shape. Seal with a paste of flour and water. I find the rice gluten flour the best for a gluey paste but anything works really. I fried them off in a pan. It was a golden delicious, oily yumminess all the way.

Sriracha, coconut and cucumber and mango chutney for dipping. I do normally use spinach but the tangy and sour flavour of the sorrel actually worked a treat. Maybe a new favourite. Now please go and make them!



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