Raw rainbow rice rolls with a mirin and soy dipping

Keeping it colourful and raw tonight. Lots of heavier dishes over the week so was craving a rainbow.

ca 7

Rice rolls filled with beetroot, carrot, cucumber, mint, coriander, avocado, scallion dressed with sesame seeds, chilli flakes, squeeze of lime and rice mirin and soy for shipping. Sweet chilli is great here too.

ca 6ca

Grate filling of choice and set aside.
Pour a little warm water into a deep plate or wide bowl and submerge rice sheet for 20 seconds or so until soft and pliable
Remove from water and lay out flat on work surface
Layer fillings of choice on top of each other in the middle
Fold in from both sides then wrap and roll from front, tuck in and secure
Slice down the middle or consume whole
I sprinkled the filling with lime juice before rolling and sprinkled a chilli sesame seed mix on top
Rice mirin and soy are my favourites for dipping

ca 4ca 8

The colourful juice was a high kicking mix of beet, apple, cucumber, ginger, carrot, turmeric, ginger and fennel.

Fresh and surprisingly filling meal.

ca 3

Hope everyone has had a wonderful day


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