Gooey figs stuffed with vegan cream cheese and almonds wrapped in moodley manor bacon. 

I love when an experiment goes right. These turned out better than I had hoped with just a few adjustments from my original plan. Prepared, cooked and served up in under 20 min too what nots to love. What you’ll … Continue reading


Raw rainbow rice rolls with a mirin and soy dipping

Keeping it colourful and raw tonight. Lots of heavier dishes over the week so was craving a rainbow. Rice rolls filled with beetroot, carrot, cucumber, mint, coriander, avocado, scallion dressed with sesame seeds, chilli flakes, squeeze of lime and rice … Continue reading


Sunshine on a plate… Delectable Summer salad

Quick sunny salad to salute the lovely weather today. A trio of little toms, cannellini and green beans, toasted macadamia and sautéed shallots. Mmm… Chop and pop the tomatoes in the oven at 180 for 30 min. Drizzle with a little … Continue reading


Chocolate chip cookies get a vegan makeover!

Sometimes the classics are the best. Who doesn’t love a chocolate chip cookie? especially when they have a little vegan makeover. Quick and simple and feel free to play around with the ingredients if you don’t have certain flours or … Continue reading


Spiced apple, blueberry and pecan pastry pie. mmm… (2 of your five a day sort of….)

Every now and then I like to break away from my usual morning juice for a tea and naughty cheats pastry. Spiced apple, blueberry and pecan yumminess. Ridiculously simple! Into a pot pop a cup of pecans, blueberries and 4 … Continue reading


Get stuffed! ….. with these yummy peppers.

Stuffed peppers are in my top 3 lazy but delicious vegan dishes! No finesse required just pack in the filling and let the oven do all the hard the work. For the filling: Into a pan pop- 1 cup of … Continue reading


The most versatile little spinach nut ball you ever did taste

These are in my top three vegan meatballs variations for a few reasons.. They are delicious, healthy, can be eaten raw by excluding the breadcrumbs and tossed in a salad, fried off and eaten by themselves with a rich tomato … Continue reading


Cheeseeeeeyy penne balls from leftover pasta. Waste not want not and all that.

And the leftovers train keeps choo choo-ing along. This time it’s the turn of penne! There was a bowl of penne pasta with a spicy tomato sauce sitting happily in the fridge so rather than reheat it for a repeat … Continue reading


Did you say sweet and spicy smoked tofu? mmm…..

5 min Asian mix plate. Stuffed rice rolls drizzled with spinach pesto, mixed leaves and purple sprouts and a little bowl of sweet and spicy smoke tofu. Rice paper is just so delicate and lovely and perfect when you are … Continue reading


Spiralization station!

Delicious, lazy sharing plate of roasted and spiced chickpeas spiralized courgette, carrots and red cabbage in yesterdays pesto. It’s a real self service meal but tasty nonetheless.

spire 4

spire 5

Roasted chickpeas:

1 bowl of chickpeas
Pop into a ziplock bag and pour in your favourite spices.
I added coriander, all spice, sumac and chilli flakes along with a pinch of salt.
Zip and shake shake shake.
Onto a lined tray at 180x for 15 min or so.

spire 2


For the veg:
Spiralize a courgette, carrot and a piece of red cabbage
Bathe it in lots of pesto and add the yummy spiced chickpeas.

spire 6

I just served this up in a salad bowl along with a chopping board of sauces and leaves.
DIY vegan style!
Tortillas work great too but I just love cabbage leaves and bok choi with this. So light and fresh.

spire 3