Mushroom stroganoff

When a salad just won’t cut it but you’ve got that almost Friday feeling and want something quick and comforting it’s mushroom stroganoff aaaalll the way.

What you’ll need:



Red onion


Veg stock

Tinned coconut milk




Smoked paprika


Rice, pasta and or even some nice sourdough.

I sautéed about 400g of chopped mushrooms and half a red onion in olive oil

I added a splash of red wine

Half a tin of coconut milk, cup of veg stock

Oodles of tarragon and thyme

Pinch of smoked paprika


Add a little cornstarch to thicken near the end if needed.

Bring to the boil reduce to a simmer and leave it do its thing for about 20 min stirring occasionally

I served it up with rice but as mentioned above pasta is great here too or toasted sourdough mmmm…



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