Preserved lemons, beetroot and goji berry salad

My day has been made all the sweeter by this new little salad. I think it’s nudged a past salad out of a podium position to make the top three. Very moreish.

What you’ll need:

Rocket leaves or leaves of choice

Beetroot cooked, peeled and chopped or save time and buy pre cooked. Served warm or cold on the salad depending on your mood.

Hemp seeds lightly toasted in a pan

Handful of goji berries that I soaked for a few min in warm water

Half a preserved lemon finely chopped. I picked up a jar of them in M and S.

Drizzle of maple syrup or agave/date syrup whatever takes your fancy

Scoop of violife creamy

A few optional chives on top but they are great with the violife.

Simple! So much flavour going on for one tiny plate. Sweetness, tartness, bitterness, saltiness, earthiness. It’s

got your palate covered.




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