Fuori Di Zucca, El Medano, Tenerife

This was by far the nicest meal we had on our mini break away in El Medano. Fuori di zucca is a vegetarian restaurant but oodles of vegan options and it is also conveniently positioned across a cobbled path from a quaint health food shop. You could really sense how passionate the owner/chef was about creating simple, non pretentious, delicious v dishes. We had some lovely chats with him over the course of the evening but this may have been more to do with the fact that we ate, drank and chatted for about four and a half hours. The restaurant was littered with v cook books and the walls were adorned with quotes promoting kindness and compassion. What’s not to love.


Here is what we ate –

The freshest leaves in all land. Seriously! I have a bit of an elephants memory when it comes to dishes I’ve eaten and this simple salad is in the top three. Nothing to it just so fresh.


Tempeh infused with a delicious marinade, sitting on a puree of butternut squash with a pickled side of cabbage and carrot



A vegan take on aubergine parmigiana. Really lovely.



Herbed potato croquettes



Butternut squash soup



Papas arrugadas – local potatoes that are boiled in an excessive amount of salty water, drained and then tossed in more salt. Hence the wrinkly appearance!


Vegan burger. We probably had enough in all we ordered to have left the burger ha ha but it had to be tried and didn’t disappoint.


For dessert we shared the crumble with ice cream and….


Exceptionally good homemade chocolate truffles and coffees.


If we had found it on the first day I reckon we would have covered the whole menu by departure. If you find yourself in El Medano be sure to pop in.




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