The Organic Boho – Copenhagen

The organic boho was definitely the spot that I was messaged most about when I called out for your top recommendations. We popped in here on Saturday afternoon after ticking off a few tourist must do’s earlier in the day.  Copenhagen is walkable if you’re a fan of striding it out in the bracing January air. We were haunted with blue skies and sunshine Saturday and Sunday so it definitely made circumnavigating the city a whole lot easier.


The restaurant is 100% organic and vegan and every bite mirrored that deliciousness. If only we had a month to eat around the city. It’s owned by two sisters Karina and Maria Brunn and it’s inception took place in Ibiza with a view to being sustainable in every facet of their business. You can check out their website for more info. With lots more food boxes ticked earlier in the day and dinner plans in the pipeline it was a one dish stop off. The mantra menu is riddled with beautiful vibrant burgers, bowls and smoothies so we made our decision based on the table across from us. “Whatever that is we will have it” It never fails.



How they made a slice of cauliflower so appetising I will never know. Some sort of vegan wizardry. It melted like butter and was wrapped in a delicious bun with pickled cucumber, vegan aoili, tomato and toasted salted nuts. As you know from one of my last recipes cauliflower and nut combos are a favourite of mine. A plate of matchstick sweet potato fries to accompany it and we were in vegan heaven.



Marla our server was also super helpful with further suggestions of places to go the following day. You’ll find these lovely gals in the Christianshavn area of Copenhagen which is brimming with cute little coffee shops and houseboats dotted along the canals. It’s also next to Freetown Christiana where we had just come from. Worth a visit too! Fascinating history but that’s for another post.





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