Quan Chay Tam Quang Minh – Hoi An

Oh Vietnam! I wish I had a year to eat and explore. Quan Chay Tam Quang Minh is next up. An unassuming spot that is just brimming with delicious food. We were on our way to the beach (following more food) and had the bikes so opted for the buffet tray for breakfast rather than a full on spread of dishes. I asked the lovely lady serving us to make up a plate of her favourites.



I would suggest that you highlight vegan when ordering. Where you see Quan Chay or just Chay on a sign this means vegetarian and most are actually vegan by default but others have a few dishes on containing milk that are easily spotted. Mainly desserts. What I loved about this meal was the simplicity of it. It was up there with the tastiest food I tried.



The tray contained an assortment of mock meats with one infused with lemongrass and another with seaweed. Superb. There was of course rice with a little side of veg broth, pumpkin and lotus seeds. A portion of morning glory was sautéed in garlic. I sampled this popular green in most places over the few days and it was definitely the nicest here. Finally the selection of veg that included aubergine, kohlrabi, chayote, carrot, green beans and pineapple to name a few. Thoroughly satisfying.



The restaurant opens at 6am and as with most cities I found that places that opened this early and those situated away from the main tourist thoroughfare were very much there to serve the locals and that’s where you want to be. They also have an extensive menu with all the traditional favourites of cao lau, white rose, pancakes and so on. A must in Hoi An.





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