Tofu wrapped in tofu! A delectable stuffed beancurd roll

I’m sure I contradict myself weekly with proclamations of “this is by far my favourite dish to make” but I love food so much 😂 and every dish presents new culinary joy and a flurry of love flows from said dish. THIS DISH is one that has landed on a serving dish more often than I can remember. Aside from the slightly fiddly bean curd sheet rehydration process I’m adding it to my back to basics recipe list for this month as it looks fancy and complicated but is sure to be a crowd pleaser. So if you tried out my banana bread or sweet p choc cake the last week, grab that loaf tin again and make this giant stuffed bean curd roll.

For the filling:

1 x packet of firm tofu

10-12 dried shiitake mushrooms

300g fresh spinach

In a heated and oiled pan, mash the tofu into a crumb and heat through. Add the spinach and let it wilt and reduce to nothhinggggg 😂 It always amazes me how spinach turns to a teaspoon volume after it hits the heat.

Soak the shiitake mushrooms in hot water for 15 min. Remove and blitz in nutri bullet with a little mushroom water to a rough consistency.

Add to the tofu mix along with more of the leftover water as needed.

Now here is the annoying Louise part. I hadn’t really planned to post this and it was only mid tofu mix cooking that I said oh that looks yum I must post it. As a result I have no seasoning measurements. So I say break free from your recipe measurement shackles and splash and dash it like me 😉

Liquids – soy sauce, rice mirin, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, chili oil,

Drizzle of maple syrup

Herbs and spices – fennel seeds, ground cinnamon, cloves, chili flakes, ginger, garlic and onion powder, salt and pepper

It tastes delicious ❤️ Once cooked through set aside.

For the bean curd sheets 🥰 Take one sheet at a time and in a deep oven proof dish or baking sheet added warm water and lay the sheet into the water for about a minute until it rehydrates and looks like skin 👀. Bean curd sheets are in fact the skin that forms on top of the soy milk when it is being boiled. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen fresh bean curd in Ireland but the dehydrated packets can be found in any Asian market.

Layer the rehydrated sheets into an oiled loaf tin. I used five sheets in total. If you don’t fancy a large sharing plate you can make smaller spring roll size rolls which I’ve done many times.

Spoon the tofu mix into the sheets and seal.

You may need to snip excess beancurd from the top

In the past when I have made smaller rolls I have either steamed them or air fried them but here with the loaf tin I normally bake at 200c for 20 min.

Remove from the oven and top with spring onions, pickled ginger, chilli flakes, fresh coriander and more sesame oil.

Anything goes with this recipe. I’ve made it with an asian twist this time but have done a more festive take on it too.

If you try it let me know



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