Festive sides: Horseradish, mint, seitan mash and my mums creamy thyme stuffing

I feel like I’m just teasing you all this week with small simple dishes but don’t underestimate the sides! They are the vegan glue that wholes the meal together ha ha. Day 3: My mums creamy thyme stuffing and a wow horseradish, mint and seitan mash.

I used 4 large potatoes between both these sides. Each dish would serve 3 people a small portion. Once again I will probably eat it all for research purposes ahem….

For the mash.
Peel, chop and boil potatoes
Drain and get mashing
I added tinned coconut milk, dairy free butter and olive oil. Mmm..
Salt/pep and divide mix in two.


For the quick and easy horseradish, “bacon” and mint mash.
Add a generous scoop of horseradish relish (shown in pic) to the mash along with a handful chopped mint and some faux bacon that has been fried off.
I chopped seitan into little cubes and fried them off in a little garlic oil



I served them up with an ice cream scoop. How very old school ha ha but I’m allowed as it’s Christmas anything goes.

Mums potato stuffing. My wonderful mum really has the patience of a saint. I am like a kitchen whirlwind when I arrive home creative, messy, wildly snapping every morsel I consume unlike most fanastic Irish mammies who are meticulous and organised in the kitchen. So thanks mum I’ll never get it to taste like how you make it. This stuffing is just so comforting and familiar it always reminds me of Christmas and I automatically revert back to being about 5. No fancy bells and whistles just salt/pep and four simple ingredients.

Get your creamy mash and add:
Oodles of fresh parsley and thyme
Half a raw onion diced
Into a dish, small drizzle of olive oil and cover with tinfoil
180c for approx 35 min.
Finish under the grill.


I always seem to serve myself up a large bowl on Christmas Eve and it has been known to make it’s way between two crusts of bread with cranberry sauce too. Hooray for Christmas.





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