Spicy red cabbage with goji berries and hazelnuts

Christmas or not I love a good red cabbage and this is by far my favourite combo. The colours, the flavours and the sneaky shortcuts without losing the taste.

Take half a red cabbage finely chopped, 3 scallion, 4 beets already cooked and peeled and pop them into a heated pan with about 100g of goji berries. I soaked the berries in warm water before hand. (Hang onto the goji juice and add to your smoothie full of goodness)

Cook through and then add star anise and cinnamon sticks, a splash of red wine, drizzle of vinegar to help hold the colour of cabbage, pinch of salt and then my power trio…. maple syrup, rebel chilli (Optional but I love a spicy cabbage) and HP brown sauce. The only time I ever really use this sauce is as a red cabbage cheat ingredient. Leave to simmer stirring every few min and taste testing as you go along. I added hazelnuts at the end for a nice crunch and that is pretty much it. You can adjust to suit your palate and as always it tastes way nicer the next day




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