Courgette, cantaloupe and pomegranate salad

I love how salads are more about construction and flavour than adhering to a strict recipe. As you’ve probably guessed from my posts over the years measurements and precision are not my strong points. A splash and a dash I … Continue reading

A high kicking lasagne supreme (vegan style)…. with garlic/pea and tofu/cheese sauces…

A lasagne of sorts tonight. Colourful, nutritious and perfect raw or cooked. I opted for a baked version tonight as there was an ol’ Autumnal nip in the air.


How to:

The veg-
I thinly sliced a huge courgette (took photo then deleted it by accident boo) with my mandolin and used it as the pasta sheets.

I had left over Asian slaw from the other day that was perfect for using up (shredded red and white cabbage, green onions, carrots, mangetout) with sliced mushrooms and broccoli.

las 3

las 4

For the sauces:
The pretty green mix consists of peas, a splash of soy cream, clove of garlic and salt/pepper blended

The cheese mix is just as easy and delicious! Half a block of tofu, a quarter block of art of zen violife pizza cheese, garlic, nutmeg,
Cinnamon, splash of olive oil and salt/pepper blended.

las 8

las 2

Now the fun bit! Get layering….. Anything works with this recipes so don’t feel you have to stick to my choices. It’s great for using up leftovers too. I added some mixed herbs and chilli flakes too.

las 7

For the top layer use the rest of the violife cheese to grate over the top then into the oven at 180 for 35 min. Mmmm…

las 6

las 5

I served it up with a salad of mixed leaves, chickpeas, sugar snap peas, chilli flakes, lime zest and juice, olive oil, salt and pep.

Night night everyone! Sleep well

Love Louise



Get your freekah on… and a dog photobomb! (It will make sense when you look at the photos)

Its the turn of freekeh! It’s been so long since I’ve had this lovely little Arabic grain. Loaded with fiber and protein and yes I can’t get stop singing missy Elliott’s song “get ya freak (substituted with freekeh) on and now you’re singing it aren’t you!

freekah 3

I added one cup of freekeh to a pot with along with 2 cups of water and threw in the following veg- coourgette, carrot, pistachios, chick peas, a handful of dates and a sprinkling of dried rose leaves. My neighbour handed me a rose over the wall last week and told me to make jewelled rice (rose petals added to rice along with other goodies) so I thought I’m sure it would work well in freekeh too. The aroma just penetrated the grains, so beautiful.

freekah 4

freekah 5

I also added spices Nutmeg Garlic Mint All spice Turmeric Chilli flakes And let it do it’s thing for 20 min or so. I served it up in a red cabbage leaf for no reason other than I think it looks pretty and isn’t it fun to eat your bowl! One of my favourite dishes of the last few weeks.

freekah 2


Simple and delicious